Gears Of War 4 To Have Changes On The Gnasher Weapon; Details Here

Recently, The Coalition announced that the Gnasher weapon will be changed in this month's upcoming update for Gears of War 4. It is because of the massive reports that the company has been receiving lately about the said weapon. Players are saying that the Gnasher is unbalanced and has no consistencies. Due to this, fans got very happy as they will finally have a much better Gnasher this month.

What To Expect From The Upcoming Update For The Gnasher Weapon In Gears of War 4

Fans can expect that the Gnasher weapon will have a much better performance in this month's update for Gears of War 4. Players are encountering the weapon's issue where the bullets are not spreading well. The weapon was supposed to shoot through walls. However, when players are shooting in the walls, the bullet spreads very wide. Due to this, it decreases the chance of the weapon to shoot through walls.

Players also noticed that the bullets are disappearing when they fire the gun, making it very inconsistent. Fans can expect that the Gnasher will have a much better accuracy and power right after this month's update. It is also expected that the weapon's issue will also be fixed.

When Is The Next Update Of Gears of War 4?

At this point of time, there is no exact release date yet for the next update of Gears of War 4, though it is expected to be released this March. Due to this, fans can only hope that The Coalition will announce that next update of the game as early as possible as they are known to keep everyone updated. Fans are also expecting the next update will be released next week, though it is yet to be confirmed. Gears of War 4 can be played on PC and Xbox One.

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