Omega-3 Oils Could Protect From Air Pollution

By Donna Bellevue , Mar 06, 2017 01:59 AM EST

Supplements of healthy omega-3 oils could protect you from the rising negative health effects of air pollution, a new research says. On the bad side, the research also shows how particles from air pollutants can penetrate to the lungs, brain, and even testicles. The new finding raises the possibility that the health damage caused by toxic air is even greater than currently known.

Air pollution around the world is rising at an alarming rate, the World Health Organization warns. Emerging studies also caution about the long-term effects of indoor and outdoor pollution. Researchers also note that we could be dealing with this environmental effect for much longer as evidence shows global warming magnifies and prolongs the problem.

Now, a team of researchers has discovered that omega 3 fatty acids (OFAs) could help reduce the damage to our bodies. They recommend regular intake to lessen the harmful effects of being exposed to pollutants daily. Found in flax, hemp and fish oil, or seafood, this oil can also be consumed in capsule form, The Guardian reports.

The harmful impact of air pollution has been linked to lung and heart disease, strokes, diabetes, kidney disease, premature births, and fertility problems. Recently, even brain problems have been found to be caused by pollution, including dementia, mental ill-health, and reduced intelligence. “These pathological changes are very important because they are the fundamental mechanisms of the common chronic diseases we have today," Dr. Jing Kang, at Massachusetts General Hospital, says.

Dr. Kang recommends that people take two to four grams of omega-3 fatty oils per day to reduce the problems caused by air pollution, the Refinery 29 reports. He adds that "they are not like a drug, but a nutrient with so many benefits". However, the NHS says moderation of fish consumption is key since too much of it can be dangerous, particularly for children and pregnant women, as it could contain mercury and other pollutants.

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