Here's Everything You Have To Know About NASA's Free And Newly Released Software

With great pride, the American space agency NASA has recently uncovered their 2017-2018 software catalogue, absolutely free of cost for the public, without any royalty or copyright fees as well. Apparently, this is not the first time NASA has done this since it will be the third time that the space agency has released such a compilation as part of its Technology Transfer Program. Authorities from NASA have also revealed that the catalogue contains a lot of information about space travel, rocket launches, and other technical guides with a wide range of technical applications, and experts say that several of these applications and guides are being released to the public for the first time.

NASA's Free And Newly Released Software

In one of his statements reported by Daily News And Analysis, associate administrator for NASA's Space Technology Mission Directorate (STMD), Steve Jurczyk has explained that the software catalog is basically their own initiative to show their support to the innovation economy by granting access to tools that are widely used by today's top aerospace professionals to entrepreneurs, small businesses, academia, and industry. He believes that having the access to these software codes has the potential to generate tangible benefits that create American jobs, earn revenue and save lives. It was found that the software has been organized into 15 categories, such as the software for data processing/storage, business systems, operations, propulsion, and aeronautics.

Furthermore, according to Science Alert, generally speaking, most of the software in the catalogue has something to do with rocket science and propulsion engineering but NASA officials have assured the public that other topics that have also been included may be more to your liking. Jurczyk continues to explain that if you are concerned with climate change, the software also offers environmental science software tool that the agency has been using from their Earth-observing satellites. Additionally, it was found that the new NASA catalogue has also included the code called LEWICE, which has been developed in order to help study the effects of ice on an aircraft in flight and to help create ice detection systems.

The Software's Brief History

Meanwhile, experts said that NASA had previously published the first edition of its software catalogue in April 2014, which has the been regarded as the first comprehensive listing of publicly available software to be compiled by a federal government agency, which, in turn, is the largest creator of custom code. Since then, NASA has already been sharing thousands of its software programs with students, industry, individuals and other government agencies respectively.


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