Former US President Bush Talks About The UFO Files And Here's What He Has To Say

When he was still in office, former US President George W. Bush has refused to divulge what he saw in alleged classified government UFO files. Now, in his recently concluded interview with renowned television host and comedian Jimmy Kimmel, George Bush has been aught off guard by the host when he asked what he knows about UFOs and aliens. Long before, Kimmel has been well-known or broaching the subject and regularly ask guests about what they know, and Bush was no exception to this when he was found to have been quick to admit that it wasn't the first time he had been asked the question.

Bush Talks About The UFO Files

According to reports revealed by The Daily Express, so-called alien disclosure activists say that they have long been convinced of the idea that the White House has proof of alien visitations of Earth, but keeps it hidden due to a fear of the potential impact on religion and the rule of law. The famed TV host asked Bush if he had gone through the classified documents while being the president, and consequently, the 43rd President of the United States, was coy and did not seem to have given much, while also trying to as if confirm he had seen some information. Bush, who was in office for two terms from 2000 to 2008 was quoted to have revealed a mysterious "maybe" when asked if he had looked at such documents.

Furthermore, as per Inquisitir, the former US President said that his daughters kept on asking the same set of questions. In turn, Kimmel has then took the daughters as the opening for more information, asking the former president whether he would he be allowed to tell his daughters what was in those files. That said, Bush allegedly laughed through the question while admitting that is was in fact true but he added that he's not going to tell it to Kimmel.

Conspiracy Theories Exposed

In addition, Kimmel went on asking the president if he has known any "really great secrets" that he has not been able to share with anyone and the former president has then responded and acknowledged the fact that there was, but has also been quick to say that he will not divulge the information, nor would he write about what he knew. Ultimately, the segment held with former president Bush was just the latest of Jimmy Kimmel's attempts to corner a president with questions concerning the existence of top secret UFO files  being kept under wraps in Washington. It was found that Jimmy Kimmel's interviews with the presidents in no way provides definitive answers to what might be contained in the government's classified files on the subjects, however, UFO hunters have also repeatedly speculated NASA to be behind the alien cover up where they have pointed the mysterious "cuts" in the ISS feed while strange objects loomed into view.


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