'The Bachelor' Finale 2017: Nick Viall's Choice Down To Two; Who Will Get The Ring?

By Dante Noe Raquel II , Mar 07, 2017 06:00 AM EST

Host Charis Harrison revealed that this is Nick Viall's "last chance" to choose his love life on national TV. Whoever wins in the "The Bachelor" finale will definitely change everything.

Nick has been a veteran of "The Bachelor". Remarkably, all his experiences in the franchise have not meant much for him. He is still looking for the heaven-sent girl, and he still looks muddled about the two remaining ladies. The Season 21 of the ABC reality show reaches its finale on March 13.

Undecided Bachelor

It is still mysterious whom Nick is going to choose. In fact, he hinted to Andi Dorfman during her visit that he might not choose anyone in the finale. If he does so, that might be the end of his quest for love on TV.

Nick Viall is under pressure, but he must choose someone this time. He says he has been brokenhearted twice on television. As per his friends, he's been chasing girls but none of his serious relationships worked out. His friends often wonder, why he couldn't find a love life.

Nick Viall Was Once "The Bachelor" Fan

It was Marcos Hernandez's wife who's accountable for taking a Waukesha guy to the world of reality television. Marcos has been Nick's childhood friend. His wife Kaia has been an avid "The Bachelor" fan. The three used to watch the show every Monday nights. Kaia nominated Nick online later as if it was only a joke. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that Nick made fun of it when he came to know about the nomination. After 10 months, his phone rang, and the rest, as they say, is history.

"We're bringing the guy back, who's been on the show four times now ... It's a little bit upsetting if [our audience] wasn't reluctant," Harrison said.

Since the premiere on January 2, the show has become increasingly popular among the younger adults, aged between 18-34. Harrison believes that there must be something about Nick Viall that made women in the show open expressively.

No New Season For Nick

No matter who wins "The Bachelor" finale, Harrison hopes Nick Viall finds love this time. Nick is all set to meet the girls in the "Women Tell All" episode tonight. Harrison indicates there might not be another chance for Nick to find love on TV. "This is all I can do," Harrison says. "I can't do a fifth season with Nick."

The next episode of The Bachelor, called "Women Tell All," airs at 8 P.M. tonight on ABC.

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