Latest Windows 10 Build 15048 Features Mixed Reality Portal

By Victor Thomson , Mar 07, 2017 03:30 AM EST

Windows 10 build 15048 has been released to insiders just a few days ago. It appears that Microsoft has already started to include references to and even a portal for Windows Mixed Reality in its latest operating system update.

Mixed Reality Portal In Windows 10 Build 15048

According to Hot Hardware, when Microsoft released its latest 15048 build of Windows 10 to its Insiders, the main updates seemed to be overall polish and bug fixes. However, the Windows 10 build includes something more exciting than that. The unexpected cool treat is a mixed reality portal and demo.

The new mixed reality feature follows news that Microsoft will create the third iteration of HoloLens, skipping HoloLens V2. It is also rumored that that Scorpio and Xbox One will provide mixed-reality headset support by 2018.

According to Beta News, Microsoft has made reference to Windows Holographic in Windows 10 before, but this is the first time that users get to experience a demo. The release coincides with Microsoft revealing that the new name for Windows Holographic is Windows Mixed Reality. The latest Windows 10 build gives Insiders the chance to try out a Windows Mixed reality simulation.

How To Experience Windows Mixed Reality Demo

In order to experience the Mixed Reality demo, you need first to install build 15048 of Windows 10. The next step is to enable Developer Mode in Windows 10. This can be achieved by opening up Settings and clicking on Update & security. In the section called For developers, select the Developer mode.

You can either hit the Windows key / Start button and perform a search for Windows Mixed Reality or browse through the Start menu for it. Click the link for the app and click Get Started to continue. After opening the mixed reality simulation you could proceed to test with the demo. For control, your mouse will help you look in the right direction and WASD will move you around.

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