'Model 3' Pressure Makes Tesla Executives Quit Company

Tesla has recently announced that it will be putting its mass-priced Model 3 electric car into production by July this year. It will also ramp up its production extremely quickly from there on out. Tesla CEO Elon Musk is hoping that the company will be building 5,000 cars each week by the end of the year. Previously, he set a goal of producing 500,000 EVs across all model lines by the end of 2018.

Musk's Ambitions For Tesla

The Model 3 is the vital component of Musk's plans for growing Tesla even further, from a relatively low-volume manufacturer into a more mainstream automaker. But somehow, the pressure towards achieving those ambitious goals may be taking a toll on the Tesla staff.

Key Staffs Leaving The Company

According to Green Car Reports, several key personnel is leaving the company in increasing numbers. The latest and most high-profile staff to depart the company is CFO Jason Wheeler, who left just 15 months after joining it from Google.

Wheeler, whose departure was recently announced during last week's quarterly earnings call, said that he wanted to pursue work in public policy. In his replacement is Deepak Ahuja, who will return as CFO since he has been replaced by Wheeler when he retired in 2015.

Tesla also recently lost its director of hardware engineering, Satish Jeyachandran, and its HR VP Mark Lipscomb. Tesla has listed more than two dozen management departures just within the last 12 months This includes vice presidents of finance, regulatory affairs, communications, production, products, manufacturing and programs.

Reasons For The Growing Number Of Staff Departure

According to CNBC, some former executives have spoken to the news service on the condition that their anonomity remains. They have cited long hours, "mission creep" and a "tense culture" as some of the main reasons behind their decisions to leave. "The pressure of getting the Model 3 out is getting to everybody, from the people on the factory to the people at the office," AutoPacific analyst Dave Sullivan said regarding the issue.

Tesla currently has more than 2,000 job postings on the recruiting website Taleo and are looking for potential replacements for key vacant positions as soon as possible. With all this drama, people are starting to question whether Elon Musk's dream of Telsa would make it to reality.

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