Lamborghini Scandal: Huracan Performante Allegedly Fakes Laptime

Another scandal is rocking the world of auto enthusiasts. After the Fiat Chrysler's cheat device controversy and Ferrari's odometer scandal, Lamborghini falls in the same line with its alleged fake lap time. The car in question is the Huracan Performante which boasted of an impressive lap time record.

Inconsistencies In The Lamborghini Huracan Performante's Video

As per Car Buzz's report, the inconsistencies become apparent when comparing the speedometer on the video and the car's actual speedometer. Apparently, at the same RPM, the layout showed different speeds. This is why Bridge to Gantry theorized that there was a GPS speedometer involved to relay the speed layered on the footage. It was said that these devices are usually precise but obstructions like trees can result in short-term glitches.

With that, if the video was broken down into frames, it's clear how the speedometer went from 131 kmh to 160 kmh in just one frame. In the next frame, 190 kmh was shown. It was said that this could be caused by the GPS speedometer.

Alternative Theory About The Huracan Performante's Speed Figures

Nevertheless, there's also a different theory as to how these numbers came about. Apparently, it is also possible that Lamborghini just added up the fastest sectors of track that the Huracan Performante cleared so as to achieve a hypothetical fastest lap, instead of just taking the lap where the Lambo vehicle went the fastest. Another source backs this theory up by pointing out clues that the footage was taken at different times of the day.

Lamborghini Huracan Performante Vs Porsche 918

Additional criticisms were given to Lamborghinis' Huracan Performante when it was compared with the Porsche 918. It was shown that the 918 entered and exited one portion of the track at a faster speed than the Lambo car. However, on camera, the Huracan beat the Porsche when it comes to time spent in clearing the sections. According to Bridge to Gantry, the video could have been sped up by up to 5 percent to make the Lamborghini appear as though it is able to lap the ring faster than it should have.

Lamborghini Huracan Performante Tires

Moreover, there are also allegations that the tires used in the video are not the same tires that would come with the production units. The accusations suggested that the Huracan Performante used those tires specifically only for the record attempt. If this last bit of criticism gets proven to be true, even if the lap time ends up being real, this Lambo car still can't be called the fastest production car.

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