PlayStation Vue’s TV Streaming Adds Multi-Channel Viewing On One Screen

The PlayStation Vue app debuted in the US market in 2015 before launching in its full this March 2016. The prices have been adjusted a couple of times and the channel lineup also changed. Today, Sony launched a new feature for its PlayStation Vue’s TV streaming service. Users can watch up to three live channels simultaneously on the same screen.

PlayStation Vue’s TV Streaming Adds Multi-Channel Viewing

According to GameSpot, Sony announced and launched today the multi-channel feature for its streaming TV app, the PlayStation Vue. With numerous of different streaming TV services on the market today, such as the YouTube TV, Sony’s PlayStation Vue is also launching a new feature that offers multi-view functionality. This feature allows users to watch three different streaming channel on the same time and on the same screen.

The new feature arrives just a week before the March Madness starts. As reported, this move of Sony is a welcome sounding addition for the NCAA basketball fans because games are broadcast on multiple networks at the same time. The March Madness games are shown on GameSpot parent company, the CBS, as well as on TNT, TBS, and TruTV. All of the said channels are said to be available in the Vue subscribers.

Use The New Feature Of The PlayStation Vue

In order to make it work, first, press and hold the X button seen on any of the live TV programs from the Guide or Live TV row located on the home screen. By doing this, a selection screen for the multi-view feature will open. A menu will also pop up to give you choices of either to view two or three multi-view screens. Then, select any other live channels from the Live TV stand and start viewing up to three programs at once. Finally, the multi-view will start and note that the main screen of your choice will contain the audio of the programming

As reported by TechCrunch, the new feature also works on the PS4, but not on other Vue’s supported platforms. The interface is mainly designed for all the sports fans, who like keeping their eyes on multiple games at the same time. Sony said that the firm will soon add real-time sports scores to the service and will let fans to turn off spoiler alerts for the sports you are waiting to watch.


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