'Lucifer' Season 2: New Episode Will See Lucifer Getting A Wife? Season 3 Production On The Move

"Lucifer" Season 3 is starting to make a buzz with season 2 currently on a long break. "Lucifer" season 2 will resume airing episodes in May where candy Morningstar will be squeezed in the story. There are countless speculations about who the new character might be, with more theories pointing at a presumption that she will be Lucifer's wife. Meanwhile, the series is moving its season 3 production in L.A.

Lucifer Morning Star will now literally live in the City of Angels as its season 3 will start filming in Los Angeles, California. In fact, the pilot episode of "Lucifer" was taken in L.A. before it packed up and head to Vancouver, Canada to shoot the rest of seasons 1 and 2. Warner Bros. Television has not yet confirmed the news, but reports claim that the California Film Commission will offer "Lucifer" a tax credit for it to consider relocating.

Meanwhile, "Lucifer" is currently on a hiatus, but will be back on T.V. on May 1 with the episode titled Candy Morningstar. The synopsis of the episode has not yet been dropped making the fans come up with a couple of theories on what can be expected from the chapter.

Before Lucifer went away from his loved ones in episode 13, it can be assumed that the devil went away with a heavy heart after discovering the truth about Chloe. As soon as the episode ended with the smell of a breakup, fans have been fast to assume that Lucifer will find himself a new love that he might end up marrying.

"Lucifer" episode 14 titled "Candy Morningstar" is said to feature Lucifer meeting a woman that she marries in a drive through in Las Vegas. Also, from the short preview of the upcoming episode, nothing was mentioned about Candy Morningstar, although it has been teased that Lucifer might be planning on his revenge. Talks have it then that getting a partner might be his way of getting back at Chloe.

Another set of speculations that previously surfaced claim that Lucifer has a sister, but it was also teased on Twitter that it is Azrael whom he is blood-related with. This then makes the possibility of seeing Lucifer tying the knot much higher. Of course, these still remain as mere speculations until more promos of "Lucifer" season 2, episode 14 are dropped to give more solid clues.

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