Relay For Life Will Be Bigger Than Ever

By Rodney Rafols , Mar 08, 2017 01:17 AM EST

The Relay for Life is an annual event for cancer awareness. This event is done nationwide by the American Cancer Society to raise funds as well for cancer research. This year the Relay for Life will be bigger than ever.

The Relay for Life is for all ages. It is also not limited to people in the United States. A group from Woodville, Tararua in New Zealand is joining the American Cancer Society's annual event for cancer awareness. This group is comprised of people, some of whom are 75 years old and older.

The group from Tararua has been walking in that town for more than 25 years now. Age is not a barrier for them, as can be seen by their active lifestyle. The group has been actively joining the Relay for Life for 13 years now.

While there are 10 people in the group who are 75 years and older, there are also new ones who have joined them. The youngest in the group is aged 14. The oldest in the group is 88 years old. All of them are still fit and able to join the event, according to Stuff's site.

Betty Goldsworthy is the oldest member of the group. She has said that many members of the group have been affected in some way by cancer. Four of the members are actually cancer survivors, making the cause especially close for them.

Over at Florida, the Relay for Life would have combined individual events. These events come from places such as Royal Palm Beach, Wellington and West Palm Beach, among others. One big relay would be made by various groups in order to raise money for the American Cancer Society cause, as the Palm Beach Post reports.

Relay for Life is an event that promotes cancer awareness as well as raise money for cancer research. This year, the Relay for Life will be bigger than ever. Now there is a new way to lower LDL cholesterol, as a study shows.

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