'Supernatural' Season 12 Episode 15: Sam And Dean Will Fight A Hellhound; Lucifer Escapes From Crowley And Hell

The Winchester duo, Sam, and Dean, is set to fight a creature who has escaped hell in "Supernatural" season 12, episode 15. The brothers are bound to team up with Crowley to stop the invisible hellhound from doing a killing spree. Meanwhile, Crowley will be seen dealing with Lucifer, while Castiel tracks a lead on Lucifer's baby.

Sam and Dean will have to face a new mission in the "Somewhere Between Heaven and Earth" episode of "Supernatural" season 12. Spoilers tease the teaming up of the Winchester brothers with Crowley as they need to hunt an invisible hellhound that only the King of Hell can see. The trio will then drive to a campsite where a female camper serves as the only witness to the beast's fury. However, the promo video of the episode reveals how the Winchester brothers will struggle to fight their new enemy.

From another set of teasers, Lucifer will be seen chained in a room with Crowley and some other demons. The two fallen angels will be seen discussing as the new King of Hell intends to keep Lucifer locked up. He has however kept Lucifer's captivity a secret to other demons, but it seems that the latter will find his way out of hell.

A new spoiler claim that Crowley is masking a deep secret that might be extracted by Lucifer. He will then use the information to escape from being chained. A duel between the two kings of hell might not be seen, though, as the teaser photos show Lucifer threatening another demon instead.

Fans will also witness Castiel chasing a lead on Lucifer's baby. The angel is searching for Kelly Kline who is pregnant with the devil's possibly powerful child. Kelly has been deceived when Lucifer impersonated Pres. Jefferson Rooney. Theories have it that Lucifer will also go after his child as he intends to use his baby for his hellish plans.

Elsewhere in the episode, leaks reveal that Sam and Dean will get into an argument about joining their mother in the British Men of Letters. Sam will be seen enlisting himself in the organization while it will be a challenge to convince Dean to sign up.

"Supernatural" season 12, episode 15 ("Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell") will air on March 9, Thursday on CW.

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