Detox Diet - Fact Or Myth?

Do detox diets really offer any health benefits? Read on to find out...

Detox diets, also known as detoxification, is something that our bodies actually do every single day. When the human body gets rid of the undigested and toxic wastes, it is undergoing the process of detoxification.

So why a detox diet, you may ask. Detox diets in general tend to cleanse the body of any unwanted wastes that may have left out in the body. These 'unwanted wastes' also include excess fat in the body, which is why this diet is typically used among people aiming to shed a few kilos too.

How does it Work?

Detox diets make use of vitamin C rich foods and water to cleanse the body and get rid of the toxic wastes that may have accumulated over a period of time. It also encourages deep breathing practices, as oxygen, what we take in through our breath, is a natural purifier.

Home-cooked foods are encouraged and processed foods are strictly avoided. Organic meats and foods are added to the daily diet. Also, detox diets follow a simple rule- half of what's on your plate should be vegetables or fruits.

Following these steps can surely help you cut the belly fat and make you look slimmer, but is it really worth it? We've answered the question next.

Is it Worth a Try?

However, there seems to be a lot of controversy surrounding this diet, and that's for a good reason. For starters, detox diets barely involve any foods that contain calories, which literally causes your body to starve for energy, leading to muscle loss and many other health problems.

There is very little scientific evidence that detox diets are good for the health. Infact, some studies suggest that they harm the body much more than they do good for the body, stripping it of its vitality.  

 "Your body is designed to remove toxins efficiently with organs such as the kidneysliver, and colon. You don't need detox diets, pills, or potions to help your body do its job." Sacks, a cardiologist and researcher at Harvard Medical School, says.

Furthermore, there are some potential health risks that may affect individuals who stick to this diet for long. Some of them are listed below-

Feeling lethargic and tired

Fluid imbalance

Electrolyte imbalance



Low blood sugar

Muscle ache

Fatigue and more

If you ask a dietician, he/she probably wouldn't recommend a diet with no evidence or scientific proof of effectiveness. If you still try it out, it's similar to treating yourself as a lab rat. Instead, go for something that's much more safer, and effective.

Follow a simple lifestyle, with proper sleep, little alcohol and nicotine, more raw and fresh foods, and a positive mind. Avoid blindly following any diets that have no prior research or study behind them.

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