Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Can Now Work With NES Classic Edition

Nintendo Switch owners can maximize the console rather than play the Zelda alone.  Based on previous reviews, the Joy-Con of the Nintendo Switch was discovered to be compatible with computers and smartphones as a standard device for Bluetooth gamepad. Interestingly, a new report revealed that the Switch Joy-Con Controllers can also be used with the NES Classic Edition.

Use The Nintendo Switch Joy-Con To The NES Classic Edition

NES classic Edition can now be played with the brand-new controllers using the all new Joy-Con controllers of the Nintendo Switch. A peripheral purveyor and lover of retro consoles, 8bitdo, has updated the Retro Receiver dongle of its NES Classic Edition in order to work with the Nintendo Switch's unique Joy-Con handles. A dongle is an electronic device that is attached to a computer or console for it to use the protected software.

According to TechRadar, the Retro Receiver was designed to allow different wireless controllers to be used on the Nintendo's shrunk-down classic gaming system. Aside from the NES Classic Edition, Retro Receiver also supports 8bitdo's line of Bluetooth-enabled pads, the Nintendo Wii U Pro Gamepad, the Nintendo Wii remote as well as Microsoft PS3 and PS4 controllers. Unlike the original gamepad of the NES Classic Edition, the Retro Receiver also provides access to the home button functionality.

Retro Receiver Price And Where To Order

The small Nintendo Switch's Joy-Cons might not be the perfect way to play one's favorite game titles. However, the controllers can be considerably more comfortable to use compared to the original box-type NES Classic Edition controllers. Another purpose is that players won’t have to deal anymore with the short cord that came with the NES Classic Edition controllers bundle.

Gizmodo reported that the $17 adapter that allows Bluetooth gamepads to connect with the NES Classic Edition has been available since December. Today, 8Bitdo is releasing a free firmware update for the Retro Receiver to ensure that it can also connect to the Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Con controllers too. As of this moment, this dongle is still available on Amazon and other online retailers.


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