'New Celebrity Apprentice' Updates: Trump Fires Arnold Schwarzenegger To Hire New Host

The squabble between Arnold Schwarzenegger and U.S. Pres. Donald Trump seems to be never-ending, as the two keep on throwing shades at each other on social media. After only one season, Schwarzenegger has left the "New Celebrity Apprentice", but Pres. Trump claims otherwise. With the reality show left without a host, rumors claim that Trump is appointing someone that everyone does not expect.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Pres. Donald Trump are in a long bout because of their personal resentments. To some who has seen the personalities go on a public war against each other, the "New Celebrity Apprentice" has become a dramatic action series rather than a reality game show. Following their longtime fight, Schwarzenegger has reportedly said his "Hasta la vista baby" to the NBC series. Pres. Donald Trump though claims otherwise as he reportedly threw his "You're fired" line to the former California governor.

Twitter has been flooded with the bickering of Schwarzenegger and Pres. Trump. As soon as "New Celebrity Apprentice" has ended last February, reports came out confirming that the actor left his post as the host of the show. Furthermore, he reportedly made the statement that he does not intend to return even if he was asked to do another season.

Pres. Trump quickly answered the issue saying that the former governor did not leave the show but was terminated by the production team. On his tweet, Pres. Trump dissed Schwarzenegger and revealed that he lost his role in the show because of the low ratings he brought to "New Celebrity Apprentice." He also clarified that he was not the one who fired the "Terminator" actor but his alleged poor performance did.

The war did not end as Schwarzenegger replied to Pres. Trump's claim. He said that his involvement in the show as an executive producer led to the slumping ratings. In their interviews, they also continue to mention each other despite the fact that the rebranded show has already wrapped up its season 15. People are getting confused on what the two personalities are really nagging each other about - whether they resent each other because of the show's performance or because of their issues about the 2016 election, both Schwarzenegger and Pres. Trump cannot pinpoint the start of their verbal war.

With all these going down, the "Apprentice" franchise is now reportedly in search of a new host. Reports say that the UK "Apprentice" judge Alan Sugar has volunteered himself to take over the show. He pointed out that his show holds strong ratings, making him a qualified candidate for hosting the U.S. show.

However, in another report, the president seem to have already picked his new host. TMZ founder, Harvey Levin has reportedly met with Pres. Trump at the Oval office earlier this week. The source said that the two has spoken about several concerns including the president's plan to make him a host of a future, new version of "Celebrity Apprentice."

NBC though has not yet decided about the details of the show. As of press time, reports claim that a new installment might be something to think about since "New Celebrity Apprentice" has led to several sponsors backing out.

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