Rolls-Royce Diamond Dust-Painted Stud Shines Bright At 2017 Geneva Motor Show

The new Rolls-Royce Ghost Elegance literally shone brightest at the 2017 version of the Geneva Motor Show. The ghosts of 1,000 real diamonds live in the Ghost Elegance or to be more particular, in the luxury car's paint.

Rolls-Royce's Technical Laboratories labored for two months to come up with arguably the glitteriest car ever. The process included grounding 1,000 pieces of diamonds and finding out a way to integrate the dust into the paint. The car was then painted with what the company now calls Diamond Stardust. The Ghost Elegance was given a two-tone paint job with dark gray paint used on the upper portion and lighter gray on the lower parts of the car. Mark Court, Rolls-Royce in-house pinstriper, hand-painted Mugello Red and Black pinstripes along the sides of the luxury car. Crimson accents were also hand painted on the 21-inch wheels as mentioned by InAutoNews.

CNN Money mentioned that the company decided to use a coat of clear lacquer on top of the Diamond Stardust to give the Ghost Elegance a smooth finish. The clear coat also provides protection for the precious dust. An additional two days were required to paint the finishing coat while hand-polishing the whole body took another whole day.

The expensive diamond-dusted paint job gave the Rolls Royce Ghost Elegance a one-of-a-kind sparkly finish but what makes the luxury car unique is that it was reportedly commissioned by someone rich enough to have 1,000 pieces of precious diamond stones to be ground to dust. The impressive features of the Rolls-Royce Ghost Elegance do not end with the glittery paint job. Rolls-Royce also fitted the Elegance with black leather seats with Mugello Red stitching to match the accents of the exterior and a Tudor Oak veneer for the chauffeur. At the back, the leather seats come in Selby Grey color with Mugello Red trim.

The diamond-painted Rolls-Royce Ghost Elegance was not the only Bespoke car at the Geneva Motor Show. The Wraith Black Badge and the Dawn Inspired by Fashion also showed off. The former's 623bhp engine comes with additional 52lb ft of torque while the latter, inspired by Dutch painter Piet Modarian's masterpieces, has an Andalucian White finish and a folding fabric roof that comes in Mugello Red, Mandarin, or Cobalto Blue.

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