‘Haikyuu!!' Chapter 245 Spoilers: New Little Giant Appears; Will Hinata Be Alright?

The latest chapter of “Haikyuu!!” manga features the awaited meeting of the current little giants. However, it seems like the new little giant introduced is a really talented volleyball player. The juniors of Karasuno High’s team are showing concern for Hinata because of this unexpected encounter.

Kamomedai’s Little Giant Vs. Karasuno’s Little Giant

As revealed in the last chapter of “Haikyuu!!”, the players of Karasuno High were taking a break after winning their first round. Some watched other teams’ matches, while others roamed around looking for food and other merchandise. As Hinata was hurrying over to check out a certain booth, he bumped into someone that looked lik him, in terms of built and height.

In “Haikyuu!!” Chapter 245, the two little giants locked eyes and were caught in a glaring match, none of them dared to back down, until Kageyama addressed the stranger. The short fellow turned out to be Kourai Hoshiumi, a sophomore from Kamomedai High School. Kourai and Kageyama knew each other from All-Japan Youth Intensive Training Camp. Just as Hinata and Hoshiumi were introduced to each other, the latter was called out by his team captain because their match was about to start.

Who Is Kourai Hoshiumi?

Hinata and the rest of the Karasuno players were curious that someone like Kourai Hoshiumi was able to join the Youth Intensive Training Camp, along with Kageyama. So, they watched Kamomedai High School’s match and Hoshiumi turned out be someone popular because of his skills. During the match, Hoshiumi displayed excellent all-around skills ranging from blocks to receives, even jumping way higher than Hinata can.

The juniors of Karasuno High were eyeing Hinata’s reaction since he was intently watching Hoshiumi’s play. Kamomedai won the match and Hoshiumi, who doesn’t like the spotlight, was interviewed and snapped at the reporter for assuming that being short in volleyball generally equates to a disadvantage. Hinata, who has been quietly watching everything, finally spoke up and said he was glad that he was able to attend the Spring High National Tournament, which meant he was psyched to meet all sorts of skillful players.

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