Huawei P10's Camera Can't Beat Google Pixel's

After a recent camera test, the Huawei P10 has been rated as one of DxOMark's top-ranking camera phones. Needless to say, the phone is still a tad inferior to Google's Pixel phone. It does, however, beat its own predecessor, as well as Apple's premium phone iPhone 7.

Huawei P10 DxOMark Camera Test

In the breakdown of the Huawei P10's setup, it's quite undeniable that the phone's low-light capture is nothing but brilliant. The device's camera has no problem capturing the fine details even in the absence of natural light. However, the issue comes in when it comes to brighter scenes. As per Android Central's report, this phone's camera is more perfect for people who like taking nightlife photos instead of those who like recording daytime events. Additionally, while detailing was great with the Huawei P10, even when compared to Google's Pixel, its camera's autofocus is a little slow.

Nevertheless, the P10's score of 87 isn't all that bad, especially since it is just two points less than Pixel's score of 89. DxOMark also said some great things about the Huawei P10 when it comes to its camera package. As per the testers, the phone has good exposures, accurate white balance and it also produces some of the sharpest outputs they have ever seen.

Huawei P10 Camera Vs Google Pixel's

So while the Huawei P10 wasn't able to beat Pixel by a tiny two points, the phone isn't so bad after all. Note that Pixel reigns supreme as DxOMark's best smartphone camera, as per Phone Arena. This means that the P10's tad difference with the Pixel still makes the Huawei phone a top and a hard-to-beat smartphone when it comes to phone cameras.

Huawei P10 Camera Specs

The Huawei P10 is a pretty new smartphone that has just been unveiled at the Mobile World Congress. What makes the phone ahead of its competitors is its dual cam system. The said rear camera specs consist of a 20 MP and a 12 MP camera package. The Huawei P10 also comes with a relatively great 8 MP front cam. These, on top of the phone's competitive internal specs, makes the P10 one of the top Android options of the year.

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