Lucid Air Review: The Future Of Electric Luxury Cars

A YouTube channel that goes by the name of Marques Brownlee had a chance to ride a prototype of the Lucid Air. The said car is a luxurious electric car that not only boasts a sleek modern design but also combines a perfect mixture of high-end technology, innovation, and comfort.

The Lucid Air itself looks more like a Sedan but looks a little more modern. Overall, it has this sleek appearance.  The door handles are completely embedded on the doors with push-to-unlock, the low profile wheels a bit similar to the BMW I8, and the headlights and taillights look amazing too. As with the headlights, though the promo video of the said car had motorized headlights, the prototype didn't have it yet.
A BMW, Mercedez or Porsche owners will definitely not get disappointed with the Lucid Air. The materials used, the layout of the display, the look and feel of everything about its interior design is what the reviewer claimed "dope as possible."

In the driver's POV, there are three touchscreen displays and a bunch of vehicle controls right behind the steering. For the middle touchscreen, it shows information about the speed, the battery percentage and the charging indicator status. Next to it, the right touchscreen shows smart systems like navigation, contacts, and etc.

There is also a fourth touchscreen, a center console where it displays navigation information, third-party apps and many more. It also has a switch to hide it away inside the dashboard. And upon hiding it away, it will reveal more center storage.

The next part of its amazing modern design is its windshield where is it a plain of glass stretching basically from the hood right up all the way behind the car. Because it's glass, a healthy dose of sunlight will be flooding over you.

Last but not the least is the backseat. If you're a person who likes to be behind the wheel or riding shotgun, the Lucid Air will change that mentality. It features these jet-like bucket seats with tons of leg room and head room with all that glass over your head. There is even an arm resting vent and your very own little console in the middle with climate control and seat recline control.

In case you want to see the skies over that plain of glass windshield, the backseats recline so way back that if feels like lying flat on an airplane - perfect for looking at the skies and relaxing. However, because the backseats recline so way back, the trunk space behind it is sacrificed. But there is good news, because there is said to be another version of the car which features a regular backseat.

The reviewer mentioned that the latest electric car has 1000 hp. Auto Blog mentioned that its cost could go around $165,000.


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