The Vampire Diaries: Stars Reflect On Filming The Series Finale

Another good TV series has come to its end. The Vampire Diaries ends tonight after eight seasons. Fans will have to say have to say goodbye to Damon (Ian Somerhalder), Stefan (Paul Wesley), Caroline (Candice King), Bonnie (Kat Graham), Matt (Zach Roerig), and Elena (Nina Dobrev).

The cast of the show have been saying goodbye for weeks now, ever since the finale wrapped filming, and tonight they will finally conclude those emotions with the fans as they give another loving farewell.

Wrapping Up The Finale

Creator Julie Plec is sharing some serious spoilers. She told Variety, "There is so much in this finale that is either calling back on, celebrating or mentioning things that happened in the early seasons, I do think that most people that watch the show will be surprised."

Following the "June wedding" of Stefan and Caroline, fans will finally see the return of Nina Dobrev, who plays Elena and her doppelgänger Katherine, as well as a quick answer to Kat Graham's death.

The much-awaited season finale, it had to be something with the rest of this season's plot instead of the goodbye. Vicki is still ringing the bell to make hellfire rain on Mystic Falls, but Bonnie realized she could use the bell's energy to send the hellfire back to hell and kill Katherine with it.

Favorite Memories

During Zach Roerig's final scene, the actor resisted separating his real-life emotions from the set as Matt Donovan. "I had kind of an emotional scene to end on, so I was trying to keep myself well-adjusted and make sure my reaction was based on the scene and not because it was my last scene," Roerig said.

Wesley, had an unusual experience in a scene when he was with Stefan Salvatore. "I finished my scene. I had my eyes closed and someone sprayed confetti in my face. Literally, directly shot in my face," Wesley said.

The Vampire Diaries series finale airs Friday at 9/8c after a one-hour retrospective on the CW.

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