Top 3 Zelda-Like Games You Should Try

There are a lot of amazing Zelda games in today's gaming industry, especially the latest Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. However, there are only a few players that can afford the Nintendo Switch or the Wii U to play the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. This is why many players are now looking for a clone to the Legend of Zelda games today.

Neutopia II is definitely the game that looks like the Legend of Zelda. The overall story of the game is about saving the world from monsters. There are also a lot of puzzles to be solved in the game, which is very similar to the Legend of Zelda. The game is also designed in 16-bit, making it look very fun to play. Retro gamers will definitely love playing Neutopia II.

The second Zelda-like game is Crusader of Centy, which is an old-school adventure game with many similarities from the Legend of Zelda. The game has a lot of boss fights, which is very difficult. There are also a lot of collectibles in the game, which will make everyone busy for a long time. There are also a lot of special equipment in the game that will help players solve some puzzles.

Star Fox: Adventures may be best Zelda-like games today. It has an overwhelming graphics and a very large in-game world. However, the enemies in the game are a bit easy, though everyone still likes it because of the game's storyline. Star Fox: Adventures also has a lot of impressive obstacles. Players will definitely enjoy playing every mission in the said title. As a bonus, fans will also love the beautiful sceneries in the game, which definitely makes the Star Fox: Adventures worth checking as it brings an unusual concept for an Adventure game.

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