Chrysler Satisfies Millennials by Rolling Out Concept Portal Brand with Selfie-Taking Capabilities

Considering that millennials are believed to be self-aware and even self-centered, Chrysler has revealed a concept car at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2017 dedicated to them. Chrysler says it studied the wants and habits of millennials over a 20-year period before coming up with the Chrysler Portal, a car brand that potentially has all millennials want in a car. And to be clear, millennials are people born into the existence of the internet - having been born between the late 1980s and early 2000s.

The older generation considers millennials as the "me, me, me" generation, and Chrysler among other companies are producing specific products that cater to their needs and wants. The new concept car Portal is a proof of this from Chrysler, CNN writes. Since it is, however, a concept car at the moment, pricing details and date of release are not known yet, and it is not certain if Chrysler will eventually roll out the car for the market.

Key features of the Chrysler Portal

The car can take selfies and spare passengers the trouble. With the six seats installed for six passengers, the car can take the photos and videos of everyone and make it accessible on their mobile phones so they can share it on social media if they wish. This is because all passengers can have individual plug-in ports for mobile devices, which the car can detect on use.

Since millennials obviously can't do without music, they are able to share individual music and videos via a single playlist which everyone in the car can listen to. And for the magical part, it is possible for each passenger to listen to different music through the car's "zoned audio" technology without the need for headphones. Meanwhile, passengers can create a playlist of songs on their mobile devices for all to listen to via the screen display on the car's ceiling.

Talking of facial recognition software, the Portal has external cameras that make the driver identify approaching people without turning his head. This car is also equipped with lidar, radar, sonar, and vision sensor technologies so that the inside and outside of the car are monitored at all times. And being an electric car, the Portal can travel 250 miles when fully charged and also 150 miles when the DC fast-charging feature is used for just 20 minutes charging.

It must be added that the Chrysler Portal can drive itself in the autonomous mode, whereby the steering wheel disappears into the dashboard. And the driver could also take over when road conditions and other personal reasons require this. Meanwhile, the car has a 100 kWh lithium-ion battery pack to make riding and driving the Portal a complete pleasure.

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