Samsung Galaxy S4 Verizon Release Date Moved Up To May 23

The Samsung Galaxy S4 will now come to Verizon a week earlier than expected, hitting stores May 23 instead of May 30.

It was announced today that Samsung’s flagship phone would come to Verizon customers sooner in the month than previously thought.

On April 24, it was reported that the Galaxy S4 would come to Verizon on May 30.

But Verizon customers will not have to wait much longer for one of the biggest phones on the market at the moment.

The news first came from a Verizon PR rep. Later, the company updated their press note for the phone to say May 23.

The Galaxy S4 will be available both online and in stores.

Pre-orders began at the end of April for $199.99.

Of course an on-contract purchase of the 16GB Galaxy S4 will cost $249.99 with a $50 mail-in rebate that brings it right back down to $199.99.

AT&T is charging the same, while Sprint charges $249.99 with no rebate and T-Mobile lists it for $149.99.

Verizon falls right in the middle of the spectrum. They are the last of the four major carriers to offer the Galaxy S4 to their customers.

The company is known for picking up devices later than their three main competitors. Verizon usually blames it on testing procedures, which take notoriously long in this industry.

For the moment, Verizon’s website still shows the May 30 release date. It will likely be updated sometime soon.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 was released in stores on all the other major carriers at the end of April.

Verizon is still accepting pre-orders for the May 23 release.

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