Eating Popcorn Could Give You Heart Disease

There cannot really be enough research and studies on heart disease and their risk factors, which is why, there's a new study that claims that popcorn could be responsible for causing heart disease.

This study, conducted by scientists of Indian origin, has linked perflurooctanoic acid to cardiovascular disease. This study has shed light on a matter that really requires some concern, as perflurooctanoic acid is present not just in popcorn, but also other things such as non-stick cookware, something that many people use every day.

"We can't yet be certain that PFOA causes heart disease," lead study author Dr. Anoop Shankar, chair of the department of epidemiology in the WVU School of Public Health, said. "The two could be related in another way, like people with cardiovascular disease tending to retain more PFOA in their blood."

Researchers from West Virginia University analyzed the health data of 1,200 Americans and compared the PFOA levels in their blood with their heart disease incidence. The results of the study revealed a shocking fact- regardless of the race, age and sex; the greater the PFOA levels in blood, the greater the risk of heart disease.

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