Google Cloud Partners With SAP To Create Enterprise Applications

By Ana Cordero , Mar 14, 2017 04:15 AM EDT

In one big power move, Google and SAP are teaming up to bring cloud usage to the forefront of the tech industry. The Silicon Valley-based company is partnering up several of its cloud services with the German player's range of business applications. And these result is already being used to gain consumer feedback.

As Reuters noted, the announcement was first made earlier this month during Google's Cloud Next conference in California. Bernd Leukert, SAP's executive board member who is in charge of products and innovation, shared that the two companies will be working together. More specifically, that they are developing joint learning initiatives that will be unveiled in May.

The publication then went on to note that SAP's HANA database software is already running on the Google Cloud Platform. This allows users to see real-time insights using bug data from their own operations on a relatively grand scale. The partnership with Google will further let customers run SAP's database from laptops and other storage limited machines.

Google's collaboration with SAP is reportedly the result of a bid that included other major companies such as Apple. The idea was to place a foothold in the business software market, of which SAP is a major player. This would allow companies to operate in the emerging industrial internet.

Last year, SAP decided to work with Apple to allow its 2.5 million corporate developers to build applications that would run on iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads. On this front, the company has plans to launch a software development kit for participating programmers by the end of the month.

"Google Cloud is the first public cloud vendor to make SAP HANA express edition available to developers in an on-demand deployment model," NDTV Profit quoted Nan Boden, who is the Head of Global Technology Partners at Google Cloud. Boden also confirmed that the search engine is working with SAP to make its Cloud Platform available on the Google Cloud Platform.

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