‘The Bold And The Beautiful' Spoilers: Katie Gets Confronted By Brooke

The cast and crew of “The Bold And The Beautiful” will have some time-off on Thursday and Friday. However, the scenes after the time-off will shock its fans, especially when Katie finds out something about Brooke and Quinn.

Katie, The Trouble Maker

Nobody is safe with Katie’s rage, as she showed to Brooke and Quinn in the last episode. The rivalry and difference between these three characters is documented. The flame just got bigger when Katie accused Quinn of having Eric all for herself. On the other hand, Brooke was caught between the conflict between Quinn and Katie. Although Katie already talked to Brooke about having no acquaintances with Eric and Quinn.

The speculation of Katie did not end there. However, Brooke had enough of Katie. With the recent things happening right now, Brooke stormed to Katie and confronted her. Katie was stunned to say anything, as she saw the initial reaction of Brooke. Katie is, again, behind all the rumors that surround the series. Ridge will also be intertwined with Katie’s path of destruction. For now, Ridge, Quinn and Brooke has a common enemy, and that is Katie.

Going To Australia

On a lighter note, Liam and Steffy is slowly getting their family back to pieces. The couple who has been through a lot of roadblocks is seeing a brighter day in the coming episodes. As reported by a sources, their family are already set in visiting them in Australia. However, not everybody is happy with the idea of going to Australia. One of them is the ungrateful, Saul. Thomas invited Sally to witness the overdue wedding of the couple which made Saul very disappointed.

‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ won’t be airing any of their episodes on Thursday and Friday, as the Network will broadcast March Madness for NCAA Tournament.

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