Nissan LEAF Vs Tesla Model S; What Did Pope Francis Choose? Details Inside

Nowadays, it is undeniable to say that electric cars are already regarded as the talk of the town, and many people prefer to buy an electric car rather than going for a gasoline one. However, considering that Catholicism advocates ending poverty, the Pope has also been well-known for not indulging, as compared to the previous Popes, in the luxurious lifestyle. That said, he was again, able to show his modest side when he reportedly turned down the high-end Tesla Model S, which happens to be a premium sedan, in favor of a Nissan LEAF.

Nissan LEAF Vs Tesla Model S

According to reports revealed by Electrek, Jochen Wermuth, a Berlin-based asset manager was found to have long been leading an effort to convince the Vatican to divert its assets from fossil fuels and rather invest in sustainable energy. As part of these efforts, Wermuth initially wanted to give a present to the Pope by offering an electric vehicle - both Tesla Model S and a Nissan LEAF. However, it turns out that he Pope preferred the smaller LEAF over the bigger Model S which happens to be smaller as it also has a small battery pack as compared to the Model S.

Furthermore, as per Smart Stock News, as Pope Francis chooses LEAF over the Model S, the good news for all people having LEAF in the Vatican is that they will now be considered eligible for receiving a free charging of their electric car for a complete year, thanks to Wermuth. In addition, it was found that it will not be the first time that a Pope has chosen an electric car for himself as Pope Benedict XVI has also received a Kangoo Z.E from Renault. Consequently, it looks like Tesla has apparently lost their chance to capture the Vatican market since the Pope have selected a LEAF instead of the Model S.

Wermuth's Plan

Meanwhile, Wermuth's investment firm has long been regarded as an advocate for the divesting movement. As of the press time, the firm is now said to be a part of a joint working group of the Vatican that allegedly aims to build a new sustainable investment strategy for their assets that have been estimated at $10 billion to $15 billion.


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