NieR Automata Guide: Where To Get All The Relics

Platinum Games made sure that players of NieR: Automata will not have a dull time while finishing the game. That is why the developer wanted them to collect different items from fish bones up to Heritage of the Past relics.

There are four heritage of the past relics found in NieR: Automata. In order to start collecting the different items, they must head first to the west part of the Desert Zone. After that, they must look for research inside the ruins. Once they are done, they can now ask to start the quest.

The first Heritage of the Past relic is found near the access point of the Desert zone. In order to find it, they must activate the pod that will tell them when a relic is near them. When they have reached the exploding bots, they can now start looking for the item.

The second Heritage of the Past relic is located at Desert Housing. Players must continue following the sound until they have reached the huge rocks and they will see the relic there. According to Segment Next, the third Heritage of the Past relic is a hard-to-find one.

There is no indication or exact location where the players can look for it. All they have to do is to trust their pod in order to get the third relic they need in NieR: Automata. The last Heritage of the Past relic will only be available once the players have completed the first three items.

The players must head to the research and give the three Heritage of the Past relics. Now, they can start looking for the fourth one at the stone ruins in the sand.

As per Prima Games, when players have completed all the relics they will be rewarded with a one piece of Amber, 5,000G and 100 XP per relic that they have surrendered. In addition, they can get three Thick Dictionary and additional 750 XP after completing the Heritage of the Past quest. Lastly, they will also get Spear of Usurper.

Hopefully, players can finish Heritage of the Past Quest in order to get the rewards that will surely help them as they go deeper in playing NieR: Automata. They must trust their instincts also because an item is found anywhere in the Desert Zone.

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