‘Outlander’ Season 3 Spoilers: Jamie And Claire's Fresh Leaks For Upcoming Series

Avid fans of Jamie and Claire will be thrilled about these latest "Outlander" Season 3 Spoilers, as cast reveal things about the way these two long-time lovers show their deep love for despite their old age. The following leaks will also divulge fresh information that will make the fans eager to wait for its much-anticipated premiere.

Jamie And Claire Will Be Older

Some "Outlander" Season 3 spoilers reveal that Claire will be older by 20 years from the year season 2 ended, which is 1968. She will make a choice of leaving her daughter behind because of her deep love to her soulmate, Jamie. She left him in the Craig Na Dun stones 200 years ago.

In can be recalled that back in 1746, Jamie sent Claire forward in time through the same stones. Thus, Claire and their unborn child were able to live, as speculated in the spoilers. Meanwhile, Jamie entered the Culloden battleground obliviously because of his possible demise.

The Two Lovers Reunite

Now, "Outlander" Season 3 spoilers indicate that the two lovers will meet again. This time, they will be older than the age when they left each other. But this will not stop them from expressing their deep love for each other, despite their old age, speculations suggest that Jamie and Claire will have intimate scenes in season 3.

Love Scenes Will Be Steamier Than Before

According to Caitriona Balfe, there will be more intimate scenes even if her character, Claire, and Jamie, played by Sam Heughan, are already older. She even asked the question, "Do you think that older people can't have sex?

Some "Outlander" Season 3 spoilers revealed that the actor and actress will wear aging makeup to make it more realistic - appearing to be in their late 40s or early 50s. This season will show the fans what 20 years can do in the life of an individual.

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