Lightning Photo Will Electrify You

Perhaps it's due to its lightning speed of approximately 75 miles per second that lightning itself is so difficult to capture in a photograph. It's generally tough enough just to see lightning even when you're looking for it in a storm. This is why it's incredible to behold any photo of lightning that we can find.

But one image of lightning recently caught is literally lighting up the web, and deservedly so. The photograph, credited to Travis Roe and the United States Department of the Interior, is absolutely breathtaking ... or perhaps we should say "electrifying."

"One of the most spectacular lightning strikes we have ever seen," the U.S. Department of the Interior posted along with the photo in question on its Facebook page on Monday, May 6. "This photo was taken near the South Rim of the Grand Canyon."

More than 2,000 people have already "liked" the lightning photo on Facebook taken by Roe who had this to say about all of the positive energy lavished on his photo:

"Thanks for all of the compliments! This is one of the best lightning photos of several that I was lucky to capture that night. I've been taking lightning photographs since I was a teenager with film cameras and this was also my first time shooting lightning with a digital camera."

Another lightning photo of Roe's was posted on the U.S. Department of the Interior's Facebook page a day later on Tuesday, May 7 with the inscription, "What an amazing response to the lightning photo from the Grand Canyon we posted last night. Thanks to everyone who 'liked' or shared it. We have another one from Travis Roe that's just as amazing. Enjoy!"

Responses to the photos range from the obvious "Love it!" to one commenter mentioning California Senator Diane Feinstein's recent mentioning of there being "2200 lightning strikes in a 24 hour period" on C-Span as far as the need to fight wildfires, particularly in the mostly arid regions of the state's interior.

Considering the fact that there can be more than 2,000 lightning strikes every day, it's even more remarkable to observe Roe's fantastic images of the natural phenomenon that brightens up both photos in a way that nearly looks computer-enhanced.

That nature itself can conjure up such an image without the use of Photoshop or other image enhancers is what reminds us all that sometimes it's merely a matter of looking outside for both entertainment and wonder.   

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