Apple iPhone 7 Runs Windows XP Via Emulator Hack

A hacker recently succeeded in installing Windows XP on Apple's iPhone 7. The hack was made possible without jailbreaking the iPhone. Instead, the hacker used an emulator. The emulator in question is the iBox-2. The hacker installed the emulator using Xcode which allowed the process without having to jailbreak the iPhone 7. The result of the hack was shown in a video posted last March 11 on a YouTube channel under the name Hacking Jules.

The Windows XP hack was made possible by the fact that the iPhone 7 had the A10 Fusion chip inside it. The chip allows Apple's current flagship smartphone to be one of the fastest in today's market. This also allowed older operating systems such as the Windows XP to run on the Apple device.

As seen in the video, the Windows XP took a long time to load. Redmond Pie also noted that the classic operating system was "extremely slow to use" on the iPhone 7 despite having the said A10 Fusion chip along with 2GB of RAM. The poor performance of the Windows XP in the iPhone 7 is because of the fact that it is running in an emulator. As it stands, there's nothing much that can be done with an iPhone 7 that runs Windows XP except being amazed that it was, in fact, been done. Those interested to have their iPhone 7 run Windows XP may get the instructions and necessary files from GitHub.

The iPhone 7 that runs Windows XP is not the only popular device to fall victim to hacking. Nineteen-year-old hacker extraordinaire Luca Todesco, who has successfully jailbroken a number of iPhones before, recently hinted that the Nintendo Switch is hackable. The NES Classic Edition has also become a favorite of hackers and modders. To date, hacking the NES Classic Mini can result in installing the entire 700-game library of the NES and FamiCom along with games from other consoles such as GameBoy, Super NES, and Sega.

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