Horizon Zero Dawn Guide: How To Clear All Bandit Camps

Guerilla Games is making sure that players of Horizon Zero Dawn will not have a dull time when playing. They can do many things such as farming fish bones and clearing the bandit camps in the game. With the latter earning exciting rewards if successfully done.

Basically, clearing the bandit camps in Horizon Zero Dawn is about destroying the enemies around the area. The first camp is called Devil's Thirst. Before they can eliminate the opponents in the camp, they must talk to Nil first. The quest will only start if they have decided to use him as an ally or face the enemies in the area.

Devil's Thirst is not a simple camp. Players must know that there are snipers on the towers and they are ready to take down anyone who acts suspicious. Also, there is an alarm in the camp, two prisoners and loot room. It is up to the players if they will be on stealth mode or attack suddenly.

After they have cleared the camp, they will be receiving 5000 XP. In addition, they can still talk to Nil and ask if he wants to help them in their mission in Horizon Zero Dawn. The next bandit camp is Two-Teeth. To be successful in taking out the camp, they must be on stealth mode and continue to attack even if the alarm goes on.

According to Segment Next, one enemy in the bandit camp has a rocket launcher, which players should prioritize. Then, they can kill the large enemies who will stop them. After clearing the camp, they will be receiving 7500 XP.

For Gatelands, players must sneak before destroying the camp. This one here also had a rocket launcher, although there are many enemies that they need to kill first. It is up to them on how they will attack. When they have destroyed the camp, they will be receiving 10,000 XP.

The key to destroying Blackswing Snag is to lure them towards the choke points before killing them. That will make their job easier since the camp does not have a tight security system. However, they must never forget to disable the alarm before they attack. They will be rewarded with 10,000 XP after clearing the camp.

Hollow Fort is one of the hardest camp to be destroyed since there are Elite enemies on it. They must disable the alarm first, which is located at the left side of the camp, before attacking all the opponents who will try to stop them. They can use potions that will help them escape death. After that, players will be rewarded with 15,000 XP.

Lastly, in Shattered Kiln, players must first destroy the camp's towers by using precision arrows, as per Gamers Heroes. Like Hollow Fort, the camp is also filled with Elite enemies that might cause a problem. However, if the Elites are gone, the killing the remaining bandits should be a walk in the park by using shock bombs. Clearing the camp rewards 15,000 XP to successful players.

Bandit camps in Horizon Zero Dawn are not that hard to eliminate. However, destroying them can be quite challenging. Players can always ask for Nil's help if they will have trouble in clearing all the camps in the game.

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