Massive Update Coming To Ark: Survival Evolved Xbox One, PS4

Almost all players of Ark: Survival Evolved will agree that the game's story has been about updates after updates. It's not actually bad idea and Studio Wildcard has proven themselves to the community. That's because with every new patch, the game just becomes more interesting. And this is exactly what's about to happen in the next few days. The developers are set to release yet another massive update, but this time, it will only cover the console version of the title.

According to Any Button Gaming, a huge performance update is set to arrive to Ark: Survival Evolved soon. This one here promises to fix the different bugs or issues the game has been facing for a while. It is worth noting that this has already been revealed in the past. Or perhaps, the community has been given a preview to what's coming.

Basically, the developers of the game shared via the community forums that they're looking into fixing a couple of performance issues. At first, it is meant for the ones associated to Microsoft's console called Xbox One. Later on, however, the update was reportedly upgraded in a way that it will also cover the problems that concern Sony's PlayStation 4.

The Community Overlord and Associate Producer at Studio Wildcard Jat posted in TwitLonger an explanation to why the aforementioned update is coming to Ark: Survival Evolved. First off, he mentions about the update being mostly focuses on Xbox One players. The game's version on this particular console is "undergoing a massive upgrade" specifically to the XDK. Because of this, a huge update is only feasible.

Jat explains that due to this, they were left with no choice but to cancel the supposed update last March 13. After this, they initially thought of a release on March 15, but it did not materialize. This only means that the forthcoming update is really a big one. And if this is the case, Ark: Survival Evolved players can indeed expect massive changes. However, as reported by Express, the update for PlayStation 4 might come early compared to Xbox One. In fact, if things push through, the former's update may arrive tomorrow.

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