Land Rover Discovery 2017 Review: Big Design And Luxe For The Family

Land Rover's 2017 Discovery is a surprisingly luxurious ride for the whole family, with big designs that allow traversing great distances with extreme capability. This SUV has all the proper 4x4 off-road bells and whistles you could wish but also coupled with an innovative design that suits every passenger's needs. This redesigned luxurious beast can persevere through any weather type while providing high-quality riding experience.

Hugely capable both on and off the road, the SUV has 7 seats that can be easily arranged and manipulated to give a refined and comfortable ride instead of feeling being behind a tractor. Its sophisticated tech on board, light and spacious interior, and striking looks set it apart from the competition. Built for adventure and convenience, this vehicle seems to be able to withstand all sorts of terrain during its road test.

The auto journal Motor Trend reported in their review that Land Rover's 2017 Discovery handles like a gentleman on pavement but also retains its adventurous pluck under adverse conditions. It was tested on greasy, muddy track through an estate in the highlands. Even under extreme weather conditions while battling high winds and steep sand dunes, the SUV fought all the way and still retained its luxuriant vibe. 

However, with the SUV industry now becoming more competitive than ever with the likes of the Audi Q7, Volvo XC90, and the just-announced Range Rover Velar which obliterates Jaguar Land Rover's own range, is the 2017 Discovery the best money can buy? First of all, enormous points can be given due to its new design which is bigger than before. This also cuts the car's weight to almost half a ton thanks to its aluminum construction, the Pocket-Lint reported.

The front vents of Land Rover's Discovery 2017 effectively position incoming air over the wheels to deflect surrounding air from causing excessive drag, which makes not just a pretty face, but a clever one too. The Land Rover scores five to six points, too, making it safe for family with kids in the car. However, some people are "not sure about the rear", the on-board tech interface is also a little complex, it awfully looks similar to the Range Rover, and options can make it pricier than a competition.

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