‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Carly Learns Who Killed Morgan; Sets Out For Revenge; Olivia Continues On Her Killing Spree

The latest "General Hospital" spoilers reveal that Carly Corinthos, played by Laura Wright will be pointing a gun at Olivia, played by Tonja Walker. The latter will also leave a ticking bomb in the hospital, which intends to hurt if not to kill Jason, played by Billy Miller. This episode will really put the audience on the edges of their seats.

Carly Transforms Into A Vengeful Amazon

Carly will transform into an angry amazon in revenge. The recent "General Hospital" spoilers suggest that she will learn from Ava, played by Maura West, that Olivia is the real killer of Morgan, played by Bryan Craig. It seems that Carly will finally catch Olivia.

Olivia Tries To Escape While Leaving A Bomb Behind

According to some "General Hospital" spoilers, Olivia will try to escape from the hospital. However, she will leave a ticking bomb behind. She intends to kill Jason with the bomb. And then, she sets her eyes on Julian, played by William DeVry, her own brother. She will manipulate Alexis, played by Nancy Lee Grahn, to lure Julian out. Julian will be torn between saving himself and protecting the ones he loves.

Carly Knows Who Killed Morgan

Carly already knows Olivia. She would be able to identify her in case she sees her again. Carly will go to Morgan's grave. She will tell her dead son's tomb that she has found his killer. It appears that Carly determined to move heaven and earth to catch his son's killer.

Will Carly Be Able To Pull The Trigger?

As the story goes, Olivia will show up in Morgan's graveyard. The two protagonists have finally met. Olivia will put up a fight but Carly will be able to overcome her. Carly will take Olivia's gun away from her. At this point, it seems Carly is ready to shoot her son's killer right at the top of his grave. Olivia will be forced to beg for her life. Will Carly really have the guts to pull the trigger?

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