Mass Effect Andromeda Guide: Get To Know The Best Characters In The Game

It is best to know who will be part of the Pathfinder Team in Mass Effect Andromeda. Of course, players should be well informed on what are the abilities of the other members in their team to succeed in finding a new home.

First and maybe the most important member of the Pathfinder Team is Cora Harper. There are speculations that she is a descendant from Mass Effect 3 since the latest installment is set 100 years after the previous installment.

She will also help train the whole team. Harper is a specialist in Biotics and Operations. She likes to use her shotgun and her ability is called Biotic Charge. Her ability will be useful when enemies are attacking the Pathfinder Team.

Next best team member in the Pathfinder is Liam Kosta. According to Segment Next, Kosta is a crisis response specialist that is familiar with civilian tactical training. However, even if he is more on books, he also knows how to fight.

His Havoc Strike lets him leap forward towards his enemies while launching Overclocked Dual Omni-Blades that can detonate his opponents. Last important character in Mass Effect Andromeda is Vetra Nyx. Since she has survived in the crazy surroundings where there are mercenaries and smugglers, she is a street-smart gal.

Vetra Nyx will think of her teammates as her family and will even protect them in times of danger in Mass Effect Andromeda. She will use Modified Cyclone Assault Rifle in order to kill the enemies. In addition, her custom-made Power Armor is indestructible that can be used anytime.

Even if BioWare has completed the Pathfinder Team in Mass Effect Andromeda, players can customize the appearance of the characters also, as per PC Gamer. Nevertheless, if they do not want to change them, it should not be a problem since the developer has made sure that they will all be appealing.

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