2017 iPhone Latest News: Price Increase Details Revealed In Apple Leak

It has already been established that the 2017 iPhone will be the most expensive iPhone ever. However, a new report reveals that the upcoming iPhone's price will be way higher than initially expected. Apparently, Apple's alleged use of OLED panel will cause a chain of cost hike for the other iPhone parts.

A new report claims that Apple's switch from LCD to OLED leads to cost implications on other parts. For example, TPK Holding and General Interface Solution said that it will charge up to 60 percent more for supplying Apple with modules that will work with OLED. This will be good news for suppliers as TPK in particular is bound to see a rise in gross from 11-12 percent to 20-22 percent , as per Digi Times.

With that said, the bad news is for the consumers, who are likely going to be the one paying for the increase in iPhone cost. Note that TPK's modules aren't the only things that are headed for a price increase. The iPhone 2017's 3D Touch will also see a price hike. Interestingly though, Forbes said that the OLED-compatible 3D Touch modules won't see too big of a cost increase. It will only go from the iPhone 7's $9 cost to 2017 iPhone's $15 cost. Needless to say, the OLED-caused cost implications, alongside all the upgrades such as larger display, glass body and wireless-charging capability, are all going to affect 2017 iPhone's retail price.

The bittersweet news is that, fans who are on a budget can always opt for the less-expensive iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus successor instead of the premium OLED-iPhone. It was said that the new touch modules won't be arriving until the fourth quarter of the year. This means that the premium 2017 iPhone, or the currently-dubbed iPhone 8, will miss the traditional September event. Fans can either go for the less-pricey iPhone 7S and 7S Plus or enjoy the added time to save up for the expensive anniversary iPhone 2017.

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