Lexus LC Coupe Is 2016's Best Looking Car, Details Inside

Following after Lexus' bold decision of sending an elegant concept car into production, the design community continues to pour their support over the company's LC 500. At the ongoing 2017 Geneva Motor Show, Lexus LC has recently been named as the production car of the year with the Volvo V90 and Bugatti Chiron as its runners-up. It was found that there were around 20 panel of judges which includes prominent car designers who have apparently recognized the coupe's style as part of annual awards produced by Car Design News.

The Lexus LC Coupe

According to The Car Expert, the company's executives have revealed that the Lexus LC luxury coupe was inspired by the 2012 LF-LC concept car which has premiered at the Detroit Motor Show which, in turn, has allegedly been designed to rival the BMW 6 series. As of press time, there are two versions of the LC that are available; namely: the LC500h, which is a hybrid vehicle that uses both a V6 petrol and electrical powertrain, and the LC500 noted for having a V8 engine. In one of his statements, editor of Car Design News, Guy Bird said that considering that there is so little compromise, it was great to see the fantastic LF-LC concept faithfully translated into the beautiful LC production car.

With its pricing and specification yet to be announced, the Lexus LC is set to go on sale in the UK in Spring 2017. Furthermore, as per Drive, both of the V8 and V6 hybrid-powered coupe has reportedly finished ahead of Volvo's handsomely proportioned V90 wagon, as well as Bugatti's brutal Chiron as the top three production cars of the year. Concurrently, it was found that Renault's Trezor supercar concept has also been named as concept car of the year.

Lexus And Other Awardees

The Lexus LC 500 is no stranger to design award which received two awards as the best production car, and the model with the best interior at the Detroit motor show in January of 2016. Ultimately, other runners-up for Production Car Design of the Year were Tesla's Model 3 as the fourth runner up, ahead of the Mazda CX-4/CX-5, Citroen C3 finishing at 6th spot, the Renault Scenic, Land Rover Discovery on the 8th spot followed by Suzuki's Ignis at the 9th place and the Peugeot 3008/5008 ended at the 10th spot.


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