These Popular Apps Are Eating Your Data Plan

Various telecom companies now put a limit on the data consumption of their users and it is definitely taking its toll on how smartphones are used. Some users tend to use their phones less as the month comes to a close, but there are ways to curb data usage to make sure that there is enough credit for the rest of the month.

As C|Net reported, Facebook is one of the biggest data-eaters, particularly because users check it so often. But one of the features, the autoplay videos, consumes data unnecessarily. This can be limited by adjusting the in-app settings and limiting auto-play to WiFi connections only.

Likewise, the autoplay feature of Twitter is a heavy data consumer as well. To alter this, users need to check the in-app settings and then data usage. Afterwhich, the autoplay feature of the videos can be limited either to never download or just with WiFi.

Meanwhile, Instagram preloads videos so that when consumers chance upon them, the clip plays easily without limited buffering. But when an individual is on data rather than WiFi, this can get a little costly. To minimize the sane, head over to the in-app settings again and tick Use Less Data. The same is with the case of Snapchat, but the setting is called Travel Mode. It is accessible from gear icon found at the user profile screen.

YouTube, on the other hand, does not have an autoplay feature. However, viewers may not be aware that they are watching clips in HD, which consume more data. As such, it is best to go to the in-app settings and turn on the toggle for Play HD on WiFi only.

Accan also suggested that push notifications be turned off, as this allows applications to run in the background of the phone. Furthermore, the data settings of the smartphone itself can be personalized per application. So apps such as games may be turned off.

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