Netflix To Have Separate Cuts For Mobile Versions Of Its TV Shows And Movies

Netflix is thinking about having separate cuts in movies and TV shows for its mobile viewers. The chief product officer of the company, Neil Hunt, earlier said that the company might go for "mobile-specific cuts" for Netflix originals. The move is to attract the mobile generation, which prefers watching various shows and movie on smaller devices.

Netflix, a well-established choice in Canada and the United States, is still relatively new for viewers around the world. Except a few countries like China, it has made itself available for most other countries around the world. According to Hunt, viewers in some Asian countries, particularly in India, prefer mobile devices to watch movies and TV shows.

Hunt, one of the top Netflix executives, has been with the company since 1999. According to him, Netflix has not tried using different cuts for different viewing platforms so far. He says it is "not inconceivable" to make a master copy of a movie or a TV show and then make a mobile version of the same. The idea is to use shots that are more mobile-friendly. Some shots are difficult to watch on smaller screens, The Verge reported.

Many people, who have tried watching Netflix shows on mobile devices, are aware that smaller screens are not the preferred way of doing it. While watching a movie on a mobile device, the viewer is just a few inches away from the screen. When compared to a big screen TV, it is way difficult to view minute details of the shot on a mobile device.

It is still not clear if Netflix's latest move will make mobile viewing a legitimate alternative to larger screen viewing. Digital Trends noted that this is not the first time a content provider is thinking about produce mobile-friendly content. Last year, the NBA used dedicated cameras for better mobile viewing experience.

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