‘Dance Moms' Season 8 Update: TV Series In Jeopardy, Nia Sioux Might Not Return

Things are getting a little bit shaky when it comes to the upcoming season of “Dance Moms’. Apparently, Abby Lee Miller is creating another project and Nia Sioux is not that interested in Season 8.

'Dance Moms' Not Yet Renewed

There were various reports about the controversial TV series “Dance Moms”. Those reports have the same topic. Will Abby Lee Miller still be in the show? Is there going to be Season 8? Although most of the members of the show haven’t really provided a direct answer with those questions. Some of them gave some clues on the dilemma that is currently facing “Dance Moms”. Last month, it was reported that the crew started filming for Season 8. The only question was, who was present during the filming?

Nia Sioux And Abby Lee Miller

Nia Sioux who recently sat down in an interview spoke her mind about “Dance Moms”. Apparently, “Dance Moms” haven’t renewed yet with the network. The statement of Nia Sioux not only broke the hopes of “Dance Moms” fans but also their hearts. Nia Sioux is one of the pioneers of the show and even if there will be season 8, Nia is not that interested. Also, Sioux added that being in the so-called spotlight for 7 seasons is very tiring.

The final nail in the coffin for “Dance Moms” came when Abby Lee Miller commented on her status. Unfortunately, Abby Lee Miller has accepted another project and there is a huge possibility that the owner of the ALDC won’t be appearing in Season 8. From the viewers perspective, the show should continue even if Abby Lee Miller won’t be included. The show has been a part of their life already and the show provided inspiration to young aspiring dancers.

In other news, Abby Lee Miller’s fraud case doesn’t have a verdict yet. Sources state that if Abby Lee Miller will again delay the procedure, the “Dance Moms” coach might be facing a bigger problem.

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