Pokémon GO: CP To Undergo Major Revamp?

Nearly a month ago, Niantic CEO John Hanke stated that the company will be releasing one major update every quarter of the year. With the end of the first quarter nearing, many fans are already anticipating for the upcoming changes in the game. One of the foreseen changes that will happen is the revamp of CP, which many competitive users are already expecting. Here's why.

Pokémon GO : Gym Rework

In Hanke's previous interview, he said that the Gen II update was the first of the "four major updates" coming in 2017 and said that one major update will drop per quarter. During the same interview, Hanke said that due to real time problems with their technology and platform, the company has limited time to innovate. Thus, many aspects of the game are incomplete, including the Gym system. Thus, he said, it needed "reworking."

Hanke stated that "We will rework this [gym] aspect of the game so that there will be more teamwork and people will get more incentive and reward for participating." Since it is already known that Niantic will focus on improving PvP in the next update, many competitive users are already expecting for the CP revamp considering that CP and Gym rework goes hand-in-hand. Here are some of the potential changes that Niantic will introduce:

Combat Power Revamp

With the upcoming Gym rework, CP revamp is concomitant. This leads to the next inevitable scenarios. There are two possible ways where Niantic can augment the current CP system:

Revamp of CP Formula. A change in CP formula will introduce more Pokémon into the competitive game; creating a more diverse combination and team composition. Furthermore, it will improve the competitive level of the game, which is undeniably despondent as of the moment.

Improving Type advantage/disadvantage. Similar to the original series, improving the current advantage/disadvantage system would allow for more complex gym battles. For example, Niantic can adapt the "2x and 4x" advantages which are in line from the original series.

These revamp of the CP system will introduce more complex and competitive battles, which will eventually lead to a bigger and much better Gym system. Furthermore, with how Hanke has been open into taking Pokémon GO into the competitive scene, it is more likely that the company will introduce major changes to overhaul the current PvP system throughout the duration of the entire year.

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