Coming Mercedes Benz S-Class Gets Facelift As Well As Comfort

Mercedes is coming out with a refresh for its flagship class. For the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, there will be technological advances included in it which will give much driving ease. It will also get a modest facelift as it gets ready to come out this April.

The coming Mercedes Benz S-Class sedan will get the version 4.0 of its driver assistance hardware and software. The software will have enhanced features such as radar and camera equipment. That is not all that it is getting though, as the car will have a mild redesign as well.

Safety would be the main feature of the S-Class for this year. Its Active Distance Assist Distronic as well as the Active Steering Assist will offer safety for the driver and passengers. There will be enhanced map data and cruise control that would help passengers in uncomfortable situations. Settings can also be adjusted according to preference. There are settings for comfort, sports and eco modes.

The Mercedes-Benz S-Class gives drivers gives much autonomy without fully freeing the driver from control. Drivers will still have to navigate and negotiate the road. Controls for Active Driver Assist can be found on the steering wheel, according to Motor Trend.

While the tech would be its highlight, the S-Class will have minor changes as well. Modified bumper molding would be seen. Discreet changes on the headlights and taillights are expected as well, per motor1. Other changes might be seen in its interior also.

The engine might get some tweaking as well. A newly developed inline M 256 engine with a new electrical system could be seen with the car. It is speculated that it will have 408 hp. Another engine being considered is the OM 656 which would give it 313 hp.

The coming Mercedes Benz S-Class will come out in April. It is expected that promotions and teasers will be coming out well before it comes out. The coming Mercedes-Benz S-Class gets a facelift as well as comfort offered. The new Camaro ZL1 is a modern take to a classic.

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