Blizzard Reveals New Cards In Hearthstone: Journey To Un'Goro Expansion

It has been a while since Blizzard released Mean Streets of Gadgetzan in Hearthstone, which is why a report that surfaced about the developer releasing another expansion called Journey to Un'Goro seemed rather fitting. In addition, the developer also revealed that new cards would be introduced along the expansion.

The players of Hearthstone should wait for about two weeks for Journey to Un'Goro be available in the card game, which is why Blizzard revealed some of the cards that will be part of the expansion to drum up the excitement. However, not all upcoming cards were revealed and the developer chose to keep the others a mystery.

In the cards revealed by Blizzard, four of them are classified as common cards. The first in Trolltan Shellraiser that falls to common Priest. The next is Lakkari Felhound under the common Demon category while the Arcanologist belongs to common Mage Minion.

According to PVP Live, another card is Tar Creeper that is under on common Elemental Minion. In addition, there are also four legendary cards revealed. The first card is called Lakkari Sacrifice that belongs to Legendary Warlock Quest although players need to discard six cards on their deck to use it.

Moreover, the reveal also noted of Elise the Trailblazer as another legendary card under the category of Legendary Neutral Minion. Another one is Sherazin, Corpse Flower that belongs to Rogue Legendary minion. As per iDigital Times, Swamp King Dred that is categorized as Hunter Legendary Beast minion will also make the hunter category more exciting to play.

Apparently, one rare card and one epic card have also been revealed by Blizzard. Under the rare category is Golakka Crawler that belongs to Rare Beast Minion that might be the new challenger against the Pirate cards while the Dinosize belongs to Epic Paladin Spell.

Hopefully, players will be able to avail the latest expansion for Hearthstone: Journey to Un'Goro. The developer promises that new 135 cards will make the game harder and will be able to beat the other stronger cards in the meta.

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