Horsepower Wars: Dodge Demon Brings More Muscle With Its Torque Reserve System

The 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon has been making buzz in the internet due to the horsepower wars that will be highlighted in the coming New York auto show. How powerful exactly is this two-door muscle variant hangs on whether its newest feature, the torque reserve system can deliver in the hype that's been fueled by online muscle car enthusiasts. The speed-hungry community is now drooling at the thought of delirious numbers of incredible launch speeds once reserved for the drag racing strip.

First announced in January, the Demon has already been generating rumors of an 850 horsepower. Chrysler fan forum Moparts, has since then been fueling debates, speculating on the car’s performance numbers. Last week, the Demon’s drag soundtrack generated a fan frenzy as it shows off its more complex performance features, like the torque reserve system.

According to The Verge, Dodge's Demon new torque system is the center of attention that promises to bring more muscles to the car. It is a function that kicks in when the car is in launch mode, triggering air flow to be maximized through the engine once the supercharger clocks above 1000 rpms. This helps the supercharger rpm to increase without torque, resulting in the brakes to come in motion and to make the rear tires to spin vehemently.

Fans are coveting more details of this engine trickery that makes for more efficient razor sharp power, The Marshalltown reported. Speculations on whether it will be an all-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive abound, as well as whether it will beat out the Challenger Hellcat’s 650 pound feet of torque. All the excitement is due to the fact that this is the first time this kind of thing has been designed for a drag race application on a production car.

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