Angelina Jolie Allegedly Faked Documents To Adopt Maddox? Brad Pitt To Reunite With His Kids?

Angelina Jolie is reportedly caught up in another controversy regarding her son’s adoption. An aid worker reportedly stepped up, claiming that she faked documents of the adoption. Meanwhile, Brad Pitt is excited to be reunited with his children again.

Angelina Jolie Allegedly Faked Maddox’s Documents

As if the divorce was not enough, Angelina Jolie is swarmed with another issue and it has something to do with her adopted son, Maddox. She adopted Maddox back in March 2002 from an orphanage in Cambodia and he was her first child with her then-husband, Billy Bob Thornton. Jolie said she went all lengths to make sure that Maddox did not have his biological mother because the last thing she would do was rob a mother of her child.

Now, an aid worker named Mounh Sarath has stepped up saying that he was Maddox’s real father and claims that even the court in Battambang, Cambodia recognizes him. Sarath claims that Jolie allegedly used false information in adopting Maddox to speed up the process of the adoption. Sarath reportedly helped Jolie in facilitating Maddox’s adoption papers but he and the actress have fallen out so he says that Cambodia would be happy not to see Jolie again.

Brad Pitt To Reunite With Kids

Despite the controversy surrounding Maddox’s adoption and the divorce, there’s still some happy news going around the Jolie-Pitt family. It has been revealed that Brad Pitt will finally see his kids again after Jolie separated them with long overseas trips from Cambodia to London. According to Hollywood Life, Pitt is genuinely excited to see his kids again after a long time.

The source says that Pitt had it hard since he was separated with his children. The kids are all what Pitt talks about especially now that he misses them so much. The source from Hollywood Life revealed that Pitt is planning to get out as much as he can now and bond with and spoil his kids for as long as he can, even planning to close down Disneyland for a few hours just for them.

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