NBA Legends React To NBA Players Resting, Doc Rivers Wants To Scrap Back-To-Back Games

Resting NBA players is not new in this era. Some of the fans love the idea, while others despise it. Yesterday, NBA Hall Of Famer and a member of the 50 Greatest Players, Karl Malone provided his thoughts about resting the superstars.

Gregg Popovich Idea

Gregg Popovich is one of the greatest coaches in NBA history. Popovich's knowledge of the game is superior compared to other coaches. However, Gregg Popovich is widely considered as the brain of “resting players”. Although it was done few a years ago before Popovich popularize it, NBA fans are blaming the head coach of the Spurs for this ridiculous idea. Resting players has a different impact on the game. It might be beneficiary to the players but not to its fans.

Karl Malone Slammed The Big 3

Karl Malone held his ground when asked about the status of NBA right now. The Mailman stated that he is not a fan of resting players. Malone also reiterated that if the players haven’t played over 10 years in the NBA then the players have no right to rest. Malone also slammed the big 3 of the Cavs for resting and comparing the Superstars to policemen and nurse.

Doc Rivers Is Still Not A Fan Of Back-To-Back Games

On the other hand, the Los Angeles Clippers Head Coach, Doc Rivers commented on the grueling schedule of the NBA. The Los Angeles Clippers might have won yesterday but Rivers knows the importance of protecting its product. Doc Rivers was talking about the current situation of NBA teams going on a back-to-back game which causes fatigue to NBA staff and players alike. However, former players who have experienced back-to-back games numerous times wants the schedule to remain as it is.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver and NBA executives haven’t made any decision about these two vital concerns by both players and their fans. There are speculations that Silver and his team are still trying to sort things out and probably will provide an answer after this season.

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