The Best iPhone Apps You Need For Your HomeKit Devices

Apple's HomeKit is a platform for home automation that requires commitment once the homeowner decides to push through with having a smart home. There will always be more and more devices and apps in the market and with such innovations getting more advanced each day, it's pretty hard not to give in and replace old devices. It's a good thing then that HomeKit devices can easily be controlled using iPhone apps.


Home is the iPhone app that is best used with HomeKit devices for the simple reason that it can control all the devices in a smart home. The Home app can control individual smart gadgets or as groups though Control of some of these HomeKit devices is limited. Take the Hue light for example. The Home app can only control six colors at a time.

The Home app allows the user to place all their favorite accessories and scenes on the main screen for easier access and control. The iPhone app also has screens for each room allowing the user to quickly access the devices in each room.


As mentioned, Philips Hue bulbs can be operated by the Home app. Not only that, Siri can also be used to control the smart lights. There's also the Hue app for better and more fine-grained control of the device.


According to 9to5Mac, owners of Eve Energy devices can do without the Hue app because they can also be operated using Siri and the Home app. However, the Hue app has some features that are exclusive to the app including live and projected energy usage by providing forecasts of annual running costs.

Apple HomeKit was announced back in 2014 with the intention of challenging the likes of Amazon Echo and Google Home. Like the two, HomeKit involves a number of smart devices ranging from cameras, switches, lights, locks, thermostats and to doors. The Home app was introduced last year as a way to keep HomeKit use easier than ever though third-party apps such as those mentioned aim to provide smart home owners smarter ways to go about their daily lives.

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