Finally, Super Mario Run Will Be Available For Android Users

Super Mario Run was exclusive for iOS users for three months but the long wait is over because on March 23, Android users will be able to play the game. In addition, Nintendo will be releasing a new update at the same time when the game is accessible for Android.

Super Mario Run Is Coming To Android

The Android users are ecstatic to download the beloved plumber into their phones. According to Mirror, the players can access Super Mario Run for free just like Apple users did. However, if they want to experience the full version of the game, they must buy it.

Apple users who bought Super Mario Run's full version cost them $10, as per CNET. However, Nintendo has not yet revealed how much will it cost for the Android users although there is a chance that the developer might ask Android users to pay the same price.

In line with this, it has been reported that Apple users were not happy when Nintendo decided to charge them to have full access on Super Mario Run, which all along they thought will be free. However, in defense of the developer, they have noted that the reason for this is that they do not want some ads popping up while jumping in the world of Mario.

A Whole New World Of Super Mario Run

Moreover, Nintendo is going to release a new patch for Super Mario Run at the same time as the availability of the game for Android users. According to Stevivor, the upcoming patch will bring new characters that players can use in the game.

For players who did not buy the full version of Super Mario Run, they still have a chance to unlock worlds one to four if they managed to complete at least one of Bowser's challenge. The update might be available for the Android users also.

Finally, everyone can enjoy Mario's world because Nintendo will be releasing Super Mario Run's version for Android. Hopefully, players will decide to buy the full version not for the developer's benefit but for their enjoyment.

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