Gal Gadot Gives Birth To A Healthy Baby Girl

The desire to raise a family affects even those who are up in the Hollywood. That even though the pressure to keep appearance and status in the industry is a must, having and raising a family is more important than anything else.

Gal Gadot On Balancing Family And Hollywood

According to USA Today, the Wonder Woman Star, Gal Gadot with hubby Yaron Versano initially announced her pregnancy for baby number two on Instagram last November 2016. Although Gadot was pregnant during the succeeding months, she was still able to balance her career and family. She still continued on to promote her Wonder Woman film which would debut on June 2 and has even presented an award at the 2017 Golden Globe Awards last January, while making sure that her pregnancy is not affected by her career.

Eventually, Gadot points out the importance of the Wonder Woman role in her life. She goes on to say that by picking up the role of Wonder Woman, that she is excited to set a good example for her five-year-old daughter Alma. Additionally, she says, everyone always sees male superheroes like Batman and Superman, but never Wonder Woman. So she's really happy that when her daughter Alma grows up, that she would have a female figure that she can be inspired by.

Gal Gadot Giving Birth To A Healthy Baby Girl

In the days leading up to giving birth, Gadot reflects on her pregnancy as she shared a makeup-free Instagram photo of herself, with the caption that says that she's always distracted by the daily routine of family, life, and work. She goes on to say that she had a moment when she was looking out the window at the beautiful clear blue sky and realized that she was already nine months pregnant and that soon they will have a new lovepup as an addition to their family. Furthermore, she says that she could not be more grateful to the universe.

However, on March 20, Gadot announced on Instagram that she gave birth to a healthy baby girl they named Maya. Us Weekly details the significant event in the Wonder Woman star's life. In a black and white Instagram photo, it is shown that the couple Gadot and Versano were pushing a wheelchair which seated Alma and their newly born daughter Maya. Furthermore, the photo was accompanied by the caption that says that they are now four and that Maya is here. Gadot further says that she feels complete blessed and thankful for all the wonders in her life

Everyone knows that life is hard, but it's moments like this that makes it worthwhile. Hopefully, Gadot's daughters would grow up to become as strong, independent and successful like their mother.

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